February 15, 2016
2016 Home Décor Trend: Create Your Own Style

Most Popular 2016 Home Décor Trend: Create Your Own Style

At the start of each year many of the experts start predicting what the most popular home decor trends will be. Some of these lists are great and can inspire modern styles to use in your home.

Others seem to be purely focused on the latest 'trend', which will usually date very quickly. 

At Salt Living our focus has always been on the individual…You! Trends will come and go, but your personal style / taste will essentially stay the same.

Yes it’s a great idea to keep up to date on what new products and styles are available, but if you stay true to your heart and create a space that reflects your own unique personality and individuality, it will never go out of style.

Custom made pieces are a great way to carve out your own unique style.

  • Have you been looking for that special piece to make your home complete?
  • Do you have great ideas but can’t find the right colours to match your theme?
  • Want to try something new and fresh and have a truly one of a kind home décor piece?

Our large network of Designers and Artisans have the skills, materials and expert eye to help clarify your ideas and bring them to life exactly how you see in your mind..

Whether it’s a custom made rug, fresh upholstery or unique cushions and bedlinen we can arrange for them to be made.

Contact Us Here for more information.

Or if you would like to talk to a home stylist and brainstorm some great ideas for your space, we offer FREE Onsite Consultations with one of Salt Living Designers / Decorators / Stylists.

We can meet you at your home or business and discuss design options and ideas that match your space. We can help you capture that fresh, calm coastal design theme that we all love.

To request a FREE Onsite Consultation please click here.

Interior Decorator Jacinta Bishop, Salt Living, Coolangatta

Thank you for reading and please share if you have any family or friends who may be interested in our Interior Decorating Services.

Jacinta Bishop

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