March 23, 2016
Marini Ferlazzo - Art For Wildlife Conservation

Artist Profile: Marini Ferlazzo – Art For Wildlife Conservation

Marini Ferlazzo is a family run business based in Melbourne that is using it’s growing reputation amongst Hollywood royalty to promote wildlife conservation and environmental causes around the world.

Founded in 2011 by Nathan Ferlazzo, the company creates luxury greeting card sets made from 100% recycled paper alongside a range of other products such as limited edition prints using the highest quality archival papers, colouring books and framed prints, all drawn by renowned Australian artist Nathan Ferlazzo.

Working alongside non-for-profit organisations such as World Animal Protection and the World Wildlife Fund, the company has been able to raise significant funds for animal conservation, whilst also increasing awareness about some of the world most endangered species.

Nathan Ferlazzo of Marini Ferlazzo

Wildlife Conservation

Since the launch of Marini Ferlazzo it has been the family’s commitment to wildlife and environmental conservation that has been the driving force behind the company.

Nathan is always looking for new ways to bring more awareness about these issues to the public and hopes the images will inspire people to learn more about endangered species such as the West African Giraffe and Green Sea Turtle that feature in his work.

And of course being a company so passionate about environmental conservation they are committed to using responsibly sourced and recycled materials in all their products.

Highest Quality Ink Drawing Available

To create these masterpieces Nathan draws using a traditional nib and Indian ink, which is then applied to 100% cotton rag paper. This process produces amazing results with Indian ink being regarded as the highest quality drawing ink available anywhere in the world.

Marini Ferlazzo Greeting Cards

Hollywood Oscars Gift Bag Inclusion

In just 5 years Marini Ferlazzo gift cards have gained such an amazing worldwide reputation and made such an impact that in 2015 they were included in the Hollywood Oscar Winners Gift Bags. And even though the company had to provide these gift cards at their own expense, Nathan knows that the hard work will all be worth it in the end.

“These are the people who can really push our message and give exposure to worthwhile organisations, such as the World Wildlife Fund.”

Next time you need to give a gift card, buy a journal or colouring book for the kids, or are looking for new artwork for your home, I encourage you to look at the range from Marini Ferlazzo.

You’ll not only get the highest quality products available anywhere in the world and be able to boast about the connection to Hollywood royalty, but you’ll also be doing your part to help save some of the most endangered animal species in the world.

See the range Marini Ferlazzo works here.

*Marini Ferlazzo donates 5% from every sale directly to conservation group World Animal Protection.

Bottlenos Dolphin Wall Art

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