April 08, 2016
AHOY Trader: The Life & Art of Jai Vasicek
AHOY Trader: The Life & Art of Jai Vasicek
By his early 30's Jai Vasicek is making his mark as one of Australia’s most sought after artists and designers. His unique, rustic style captures the energy of this positive and carefree individual who is bursting with enthusiasm about his art and life in general.
So join me for a minute as we look into the life and art of Jai Vasicek.
Raised on his family’s 60 ft monohull yacht (which his father built), Jai spent most of his childhood sailing up and down the East Coast of Australia, visiting untouched islands and secluded beaches. At age 15 he jumped ship to Quebec to study as an exchange student.
Sailing Porthole by Jai Vasicek
“I was a very creative kid, and was always making something or painting artworks using whatever I could get my hands on, including shells and driftwood, and took great pride in building epic sand castle sculptures on islands! At 15 I moved to Quebec to trial life on land (French turf) as an exchange student, then returned to the Gold Coast to finish my high school. I guess my born and bred scenario is that we were a bunch of ‘grotty yachtties’ or as I preferred to be called, a family of ‘sea gypsies’.” Say Jai.
After graduating Jai spent the next 5 years exploring the much of the world including Africa, Mongolia, Indonesia, Europe and South America, which included a year living in Brazil.
Along these travels Jai gathered inspiration from different cultures and art forms to develop his own style, harnessing vibrant colour and cultural symbolism to celebrate life, death and creativity.
Ahoy Trader Whale Shrine by Jai Vasicek
Since returning home from his travels Jai’s artwork and designs have become sought after across the globe, with many of Australia’s leading interior designers and stylish home decorators now lining up to commission him to create large centre pieces for their exclusive clients homes.
As well as large artworks, Jai also creates unique handmade pieces that are within everyone’s price range from his production studio in Byron Bay.
These eclectic and expressive homewares combine classic and modern art and design, to create stunning artworks, murals, paintings and textiles that evoke the beauty and passion of life and nature.
Jai is a man that is passionate about his work and it shows in every design he creates.
Ahoy Trader Crosses by Jai Vasicek


‘For me, creating beautiful things for people is such a gift’ says Jai. ‘I think if I couldn’t exist being creative I might as well be dead! I’m just so happy that I am able to create and paint and deliver a story every day’ says Jai.
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Thank you for reading, we hope you have been inspired! 
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Jacinta Bishop

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