April 08, 2016
Scented Candles In Hand Blown Mexican Glass

Scented Candles In Hand Blown Mexican Glass

A beautiful scented candle is always a favourite when it comes time to give great gift.

I mean who doesn't love the smell and sight of a fragrant, glowing candle to create ambience and mood in any space.

I know I definitely do.

Now with the latest Soul Luxury Candle Collection your candles come in a unique and stunning Hand Blown Mexican Glass Vessel.

These handcrafted jars are works of art in themself and double perfectly as a glass or vase after the candle is burnt.

So how do these handcrafted candle vessels come to life?

Blowing glass by hand is an art that takes immense skill and many years of practice to master. Working with heat in excess of 1000 degrees Celsius there is also a great deal of danger in the process.

Starting with molten glass inside a furnace the artist gathers the glass using a blowpipe. This pipe is used to shape the glass by rolling it on a heated stainless steel surface.

If adding colour to the glass the glass will be rolled onto the colour in the form of a powder or strips.

The artist will work back and forth through this process many times depending on the size and the shape of the glasswork.

Once the shape of the jar is right the artist then blows into the blowhole to create the opening and space for the candle wax to be poured. After blowing more work is done to complete the shaping and remove the glass from the blowpipe.

Each step requires precision, care and time, which can be seen in the quality of the final product, a beautiful Soul Luxury Candle.

Soul Luxury Candles come in 13 fragrances combining fruity, floral and spice scents. By using a high quality blend of waxes their unique formula delivers the most fragrant scented candles on the market, that burn for over 120 hours.

When asked why Soul Luxury Candles are so popular, they responded…

“Soul Luxury Candle products are popular and gaining ground in the gift market because we produce the most fragrant scented candles on the market. Our unique wax formulation allows us to use higher levels of fragrance oils per candle. This formulation burns cleaner and lasts longer than other soft wax candles. Soul Luxury Candle is dedicated to selecting only the best & truest fragrances. Soul Luxury Candle also offers one of the largest collections. Whether you prefer the scent of fruit, floral or spice, Soul Luxury Candle has a fragrance to fit you.”

Each Soul luxury Candle comes in a beautiful gift box, making them the ideal present for any occasion.

To see our full range of Soul Luxury Candles visit our store or click here. 

Soul Luxury Candles from Salt Living

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