April 13, 2016
Buying Guide: How To Choose The Right Cushion Insert

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Right Cushion Insert

When buying new cushions most of our focus is on the cushion cover.

What size cushion do you want? Does the colour match the rest of your room’s décor?Do you want a solid colour or a stylish pattern?

Generally very little thought goes into the type of insert you will choose.

But depending on how and where your cushion will be used should determine what type of insert material you select.

In this buying guide we will look at the pros and cons of the different types of cushion insert materials and help you choose the best insert for your new cushions.

How to Choose the Right Cushion Insert

Feather Cushion Insert

Feather cushion inserts are the most comfortable, luxurious and also often the most expensive.

These completely natural inserts are generally made from duck and geese feathers. Feather inserts are extremely comfortable and will conform to your body or any shape you mould them to.

Whilst feather cushions do provide maximum comfort they are a little less durable and require more maintenance. For example feather cushions will generally need to be fluffed after use to make them plump again.

Washing feather cushion inserts is also very difficult. The feathers tend to take a long tome to dry and after a few washes the cushion will not return to its original plumpness.

If comfort is your #1 concern then go with feather you’ll appreciate the natural warms on those cold winter nights.

How to choose the right cushion insert?

PET Cushion Insert 

PET cushion inserts are made from 100% recycled water bottles. In fact just 1kg of PET fibre can save up to 70 water bottles going into landfill.

In terms of comfort and visual appeal these cushions are very similar to high-grade polyester, yet on the plus side they are more durable and will keep their shape much longer.

PET cushions are machine washable and can be hung on the line to dry making them very easy to maintain.

Polyester Cushion Inserts

Polyester cushion inserts share many characteristics of the recycled PET cushions above except they lack the environmental benefits. So while the price and comfort may be similar, anyone who is conscious about the environment should lean towards a PET cushion insert or even the more opulent feather inserts.

At Salt living there are we have a range of cushion covers with both feather and PET cushion inserts.

To view our full selection of cushions click here. All images courtesy of Walter G Textiles.

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