November 05, 2015
7 Reasons Why You Should Always Buy Soy Wax Candles

7 Reasons Why Should Always Buy Soy Wax Candles

If you love the soothing, calming effects of burning a beautifully scented candle like I do, then this Blog post is one you definitely want to read.

Candles can be a great decorative piece around the home and are a perfect gift idea, but there is a big difference in the quality of candles available today, so before your buy your next candle here’s a few things you should know.

Why Choose Soy Wax Candles?

Over recent years soy candles have become very popular, and there are 6 very good reasons for this.

  1. They Burn Up To 50% Longer
    Soy wax candles burn slower than regular candles giving you a much longer burning time. So even though some soy wax candles may be more expensive than their cheap competitors, they provide much better value for money in terms of burn hours.
  2. Stronger Fragrance
    I love the smell of beautifully scented candles, so it really annoys me when I buy a “so-called” scented candle that I practically have to stick under my nose to smell anything at all.
    Because soy wax has a lower melting point it produces a larger pool of melted wax around the candlewick. This melted wax is where all those delightful fragrances are stored, hence you get a much stronger fragrance from soy wax candles.
  3. They Produce Less Smoke
    Soy wax candles burn cleaner than many other types of candles. They produce less smoke, which is great when you are burning candles indoors.100% Soot Free
  4. Most candles produce soot when burned, which after time will create a thin layer of soot around your home. Have you even had your candles glass container go black? That’s soot.
    On the other hand soy candles are 100% soot free so you never have to worry about ugly dark stains on walls or furniture near your candles.
  5. Eco Friendly
    Because soy wax candles are derived from natural products such as soybean and hydrogenated soybean oil, they are biodegradable and renewable so they don't negatively impact our environment.
  6. Easy To Clean
    If you've ever spilt hot wax you know how difficult it can be to clean. Soy wax candles are water soluble, so no matter what surface you spill them on, simply clean with some hot water and it will wash right out.

Posie are a small batch candle company based in Byron Bay, Australia. These beautiful, 100% soy wax candles are hand poured and come with a choice of wood or cotton wick.

Of course there are still some great alternatives to soy wax candles and also premium quality blends, such as Soul Luxury Candles that are clean, have an extremely long burn time and look amazing.

Before I finish there is one more thing you need to look out for. You see the type of wax is not everything when it comes to candles.

Always look for lead free wick alternatives such as cotton, hemp or zink. These burn much cleaner and do not contain any harmful toxins or carcinogens.

If you’re looking for a fragrant, healthy, long lasting candle, we stock a huge range of Premium Candles  in store and online. So if you’re still not sure how to choose the right perfect candle, pop into our store or send me a message here.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to share this post. 

Jacinta Bishop

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  • Anders

    Soy is known to throw weaker scent than paraffin, which is why paraffin is still so popular for scented candles. You should read studies before you post things that aren’t true. I have nothing against soywax but it’s being falsely marketed lately.

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