November 18, 2015
6 Reasons You Should Support Fair Trade

How Your Fair Trade Purchase Saves Lives

Choosing to buy Fair Trade certified products ensures that the products you buy are produced ethically, and your money goes to improving the communities of the artisans and farmers that work hard to deliver quality products.

For far too long conventional trade has taken advantage of the poorest and weakest producers from developing countries, for the benefit of big business and their bottom line profits.

This has led to many health, environmental and human rights issues and I believe that we all need to do our part to improve the lives of producers, their families and their communities by making informed and responsible buying decisions.

The world is now more connected than ever and by helping to improve the living standards of people from developing countries through buying Fair Trade, it creates a flow on effect of prosperity that positively impacts the entire world.

Image by Armadillo and Co6 Reasons You Should Buy Fair Trade

1. Improve The Living Standard Of Everyone In The Supply Chain
Fair Trade ensures that farmers and producers at the start of the supply chain are paid a fair and sustainable price for their goods. It protects them from fluctuations in world market prices and being exploited for their work.

2. Better Quality Goods
Fair Trade certified products are high quality and often handmade using techniques that have been passed on for generations. Fair trade artisans take great pride in their work and create durable, high quality designs that tell a unique story about their culture and history.

3. Help Poor Communities Help Themselves
The best way to encourage long term prosperity for the world’s poorest people is to empower them with a way to support themselves. Charity is very important in crisis situations but supporting local farmers, artisans and business’s that can then re-invest profits back into their community is the best way to improve third-world living standards over long term.

4. Healthy And Safe Working Conditions
To gain Fair Trade certification businesses must pass health and safety standards that protects all workers. This means no sweatshops, child labour or toxic work environments and helps to prevent tragedies that we have seen in countries like Bangladesh in recent years were hundreds of sweatshop workers were killed when the factory collapsed.

5. Environmentally Sustainable
Fair Trade ensures that farmers and producers are using sustainable production methods that minimise their impact on the environment. This helps to protect our planet and also sustain the natural resources that producers need to keep providing for their families in the future.

6. Direct Partnerships
Fair Trade supports direct partnerships between producers and boutique businesses. This means that the bulk of the profits go directly to the poorest communities that need them most and you still enjoy great value products here in Australia.

    At Salt Living we are committed to supporting Fair Trade artisans and ethical business practices on all levels. We have close relationships with Fair trade businesses such as The Dharma Door and Armadillo & Co, who are committed to ethically responsible products that look great and are made to last. See more of our ethically responsible products and brands here.

    **All images in this article are courtesy of Armadillo and Co. 

    Thank you for reading. I hope you have been inspired and please feel free to share!

    Image by Armadillo and Co Image by Armadillo and Co

    Jacinta Bishop

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