November 26, 2015
Reduce Cellulite With Dry Body Brushing

Reduce Cellulite With Dry Body BrushingMiranda Kerr’s Flawless Skin Secret

Redecker Dry Body Brushing | Salt LivingWhether you’ve heard of dry body brushing or not, it is quickly becoming apart of many women’s daily skin care routine.
And for good reason.
European beauty spas have been using dry body brushing for decades to…
  • Exfoliate the skin
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Improve lymphatic drainage
  • Clear pores and remove toxins
  • Improve the appearance of dull skin tone
  • Invigorate and energise the body

Yet only recently has it started to take off in the U.S. and Australia.
In fact many well-known models and celebrities now swear by it…

"You can do it before or after a shower, I like to do it after the shower. It makes your skin super smooth."

Miranda Kerr - Model

"Dry brushing is excellent for your skin. In Europe, dry brushing has long been a beneficial anti-aging treatment in spas because it keeps your skin firm and nourished, therefore looking younger. As we head into the summer, it should be an even more important step in your beauty routine."

Mila Moursi - Beverly Hills Celebrity Skin Care Expert





Benefits Of Dry body Brushing




Lymphatic Drainage

As atraditional natural health practice, Dry Body Brushing stimulates the network of nerves within your skin.

This activates and improves your lymphatic drainage system and blood circulation so your body can better remove waste and toxins that cause cholesterol, kidney stones, joint pain, muscle fatigue and blocked pores.

Exfoliate Skin

Dry body brushing is great for exfoliating your skin, removing dead skin cells and allowing your pores to breath. It also helps your moisturiser penetrate deep into the skin tissue for maximum hydration and a more youthful appearance.


There is now a lot of research that shows cellulite may be caused, in part, by congestion in the lymphatic and blood systems. By stimulating these systems you speed up metabolism, improve circulation, assist the breakdown of fat deposits in your skin and help to alleviate the appearance of cellulite.




Simple Tips For Effective Body Brushing Results
  1. Dry Brushing is best done before you shower in the morning
  2. Use a high quality purpose made Dry Body Brush for best results. We stock Redecker Body Brushes in store at Salt Living for their quality design and effective results.
  3. Always brush towards your heart to encourage circulation and waste removal
  4. Start brushing from the soles of your feet, using swift upstrokes up your legs.
  5. Brush for about 5 minutes daily for best results
  6. Always shower after brushing to remove dead skin and use a quality lotion to moisturise the skin after.
  7. Be sure to clean your brush and store in a dry place
  8. DO NOT
    1. Brush over extra dry or inflamed skin
    2. Avoid breast and genitalia
    3. If pregnant consult your doctor first

If you want to add dry brushing to your daily skin care routine we stock quality brushes and lotions in store at Salt Living so stop in and I can help you choose the right brush for your skin type.

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