Appreciating an Artisanal Approach

Appreciating an Artisanal Approach

The handmade production of Armadillo rugs is one of many reasons I choose to partner with Armadillo & Co. Stocking their range of rugs and mats since the first day I opened the doors of Salt Living, continue to be one of our most sought after items.

My admiration for the product and organisation grows with each year as I observe the considered approach to the production of their merchandise and their employees. Their heart for people and home is evident in the way they seek to sow back into the communities that hand make each piece. Did you know that each purchase of an Armadillo & Co. goes towards paying the artisan’s fair wages and supporting schools?

Please watch the video below to capture the essence of what Armadillo & Co. are all about.

A&Co. The Rug Journey from Armadillo & Co  

The artesian approach to crafting each product ensures each piece is completely unique. Handwoven using wool and jute, completely free of any chemicals. When you choose an Armadillo rug, you are also choosing natural, sustainable, ethical and comfortable.

With every consideration made to meet your high standards, all that is left is to choose the right rug for your home and space!

Come on in and mention this blog to receive 10% off your new rug. If you can’t make it into our store remember we offer FREE shipping Australia-wide on all orders.

I look forward to helping you choose the perfect piece!

Jacinta x

Armadillo rugs ~ Handmade for a better future.


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