April 06, 2017
Brand Spotlight: Citta Designs - Luxury Lounging

Based out of the small North Island, New Zealand town of Murupara, Citta Design is bringing a fresh perspective to their design approach that has seen them one of New Zealand and Australian's most in demand furniture and homewares companies.

With a focus leveraging inspiration they gather from their worldwide travels and turning them into quality, affordable furniture, textiles and homewares, Citta design have found the perfect balance of style, elegance and practicality.

Brand Strategist Brian R. Richards says "We look at how the world lives - or wants to live - and play with the elements. We don't want to be overly prescriptive, but to present a suite of thoughts, some ideas for people to try,"

Citta Design Chair

When first opening shop back in 1989 Citta Design founder, Margot Acland would scour trade fairs in Europe and China to pick up and modify items to their stringent style and function criteria. Nowadays they have a large warehouse, over 100 employees and a team of designers, with over 40% of products designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

Each new collection brings a fresh, enduring design staples and limited edition seasonal items.

Whilst constant travel to exotic locations may sound a little self-indulgent, it is actually a key ingredient to Citta Designs success, ensuring that the team remains inspired with fresh ideas and concepts to build upon. From India to New York, Tokyo and Barcelona, Citta Design buy borrow and transform to offer a collection that brings colour, pattern, texture and a little bit of fun into any home.

Citta Design Collection


Not only is it style and creativity that separates Citta Design, it is the quality of the product they offer, which have been leading the way in furniture, homewares and textiles for nearly 30 years.

When talking to International Manager Mary-Louise O'Dowd about this subject she is very clear in her response. "I know I can stand behind the products because my entire family uses them. I've worn that gown, used those drinking glasses, given my nephews and nieces those fleece blankets as gifts."

With fresh, new seasonal collections and savvy and committed team working behind the scenes Citta Design continues to to build on their reputation as one New Zealand's most enduring furniture and homewares companies.

View the latest Citta Designs collections in store or online.

Citta Design Table

Jacinta Bishop

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