April 29, 2018
'Curios of a Collector' by Walter G

Introducing the newest collection by boutique textile house, Walter G, 'Curios of a Collector'.

A curio is a rare, intriguing object or piece of art.

Through our travels, museums visits and personal collections, curios have continually inspired the designs of Walter G. This range takes provenance from artefacts and places across the globe, whether it be a Uzbek embroidery, a small fragment of Egyptian tile or a broader influence, such as the mountains of Bhutan.⠀

"Our studio is filled with weird and wonderful objects. 'Curios of a Collector' is about sharing our personal collection with you - through patterns, textures and colours - we want to ignite you sense of wonder and bring a little intrigue into your home" - Genevieve & Lauren - Owners and Designers of Walter G

Tradition and contemporary design fused with ancient hand block printing techniques.

The story of Walter G is a fascinating one. Founded in 2012 by Lauren Emerson and Genevieve Hewson, this unique company produce a tactile range of hand block and mud printed fabrics in collaboration with a team of traditional artisans from Rajasthan, India.

Lauren and Genevieve - two friends who first met in grade 7 - began their love affair with textiles and creating unique designed based on centuries old methods whilst travelling extensively throughout Asia and South America. Though it was India where they eventually discovered the timeless art of hand block printing, which is a centuries old art form developed in India that utilizes hand carved wooden blocks that are dipped in dye and stamped by hand onto cotton or silk.

After a short time visiting traditional communities throughout india the two commerce and design graduates decided to make it their home for the next 6 months, immersing themselves in the culture and learning everything that they could about indigo and block printing techniques whilst living in tiny and remote villages.

It was in this time they made the decision to come back to Australia and start Walter G. Their vision, to fuse both tradition and contemporary design with ancient hand block printing techniques.

Since launching in 2012 the business, passion and stunning textile collections have continued to grow now stocking their wares throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Singapore.

Despite the rapid growth Lauren and Genevieve have maintained a hands on approach within the business, travelling to India 2 to 3 times per year and staying true to their passion for the hand block printing process and working directly with local artisans in India to create stunning hand block printed cushions, table linen and fabrics.

Walter G reflects the lived-in, imperfect, timeless, relaxed, and artisanal style of these two adventurous women, combining unique patterns, fresh colours, wonderful textures and nostalgia that fit perfectly with our relaxed coastal vibe.




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