March 02, 2017
How To Choose the Perfect Gift: Weddings, Engagements, House-Warming

Choosing a gift for a special occasion can be difficult.

You want to give the people you care about a gift they’ll truly love (not just pretend to), that also perfectly matches the occasion you are celebrating.

So here is a few simple gift ideas for all types of celebrations.

Wedding, Engagement & Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating relationship milestones is an exciting time and often involves our closest friends and family so finding that perfect gift can be tricky. But there are a few guidelines that will help you pick a gift that you’re loved ones will cherish for many years to come.

Unique custom and handmade items are perfect for important occasions such as weddings, engagements & anniversaries because they show you have put some time and care into to choosing something that reflect the character and personality of the people you are gifting.

Durable and Timeless
Gifts that celebrate relationships should be made to last just like the relationship itself. Choosing high quality gifts that have a timeless style to them will be great for when you are sitting with your friend or family member 10 years from now still enjoying and reminiscing on a great celebration of love.

Some go to gift ideas…


Dinnerware gift

Housewarming Gifts

A great housewarming gift should be stylish and practical. Finding out what your friends or family need in their new home is a great place to start so that you can give them something they really need.

I always like to find gifts that are handmade or that are durable and sustainably produced to minimise the impact on the environment and avoid the gift losing it’s quality and being thrown into landing fill within 12 months.

There endless options for great housewarming gifts, here are just some idea to get you started...


Dining Gifts

Birthdays and Graduations

Birthday and other individual gifts should be all about matching the gift with the person you are celebrating. For us ocean lovers there are a huge range of gift ideas that celbrate our connection to the sea and our coastal way of living.

By taking the time to search out something that cannot be found in every large chain store and thinking about what inspires and excites the person you are buying for you’ll be sure to find a gift that they will adore.

Visit Salt Living for a huge selection of great gift ideas.

Dinnerware gift ideas

Jacinta Bishop

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