May 03, 2017
How to Create a Timeless Hamptons Look and Feel in Your Home

The Hamptons is a timeless, classic decorating style that comes from the affluent Hamptons region of Long Island, New York. But just because many of the homes from this region are owned by the rich and famous it doesn’t mean you need to have the bank account of one of New York’s elite to get the same look and feel in your home.

In this article we’ll share some simple tips to bring the elegance, eclecticism, class and grandeur of the Hamptons into your home.

So What Is Hamptons Style?

Hamptons style is a fresh, light combination of warmth and character, old and new, and incorporates natural coastal themes alongside elegant, rustic French provincial stylings.

When done well the Hamptons style gives a relaxed fee that is both casual yet graceful at the same time.

Hamptons Style Lighting

Minimalist Colours

The coastal flavour of the Hamptons style lends itself to bright, white natural colours. Raw, rustic flooring is very popular sandy, natural rugs made from sisal and linen combine very well. To add a splash of colour navy blue and white stripes provide that relaxed coastal feel that is pure Hamptons.

Eclectic Furnishings

Typical Hamptons furnishings often combine French Provincial and Art Deco vintage items with more contemporary, square items. It is this blending of old and new that gives that creates the raw yet casual elegance. Whitewashed timbers and natural Linen upholstery on sofas and chairs ensures that coastal style we all know and love remains prominent throughout.

Hamptons Style Chair

Keep It Natural

The Hamptons is a coastal town so naturally we want to incorporate coastal, beach themes into the design. This must be done tastefully and in moderation. Some coastal artwork, some shells elegantly arranged in a feature bowl and even one or two Golden Cane Palm Trees can really brighten up the space.

Add Character With Lights And Mirrors

Feature lighting and statement mirrors and gallery walls are a great way to add character to your Hamptons styled home. Keep it fairly minimal but don’t be afraid to let your personality shone through here.

Hamptons StyleKeep It Comfy

The ideal Hamptons style home looks elegant but cosy. Somewhere you can lay around after a morning at the beach or have a relaxed dinner party on a Sunday afternoon. Large lounges and occasional chairs with oversize cushions will create a welcoming space that everyone can relax in.

For help creating that classic Hamptons look in your home why not come in and have a chat or ask us for advice online. At Salt Living we have everything you need to capture the elegant, casual feel without breaking the budget.

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Jacinta Bishop

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