April 26, 2017
How To Create The Perfect Lighting Scheme

Creating the perfect lighting scheme in your home is not an easy task. But if you get the ambience of a room's lighting right then it creates a great platform to style the room exactly how you envision it.

In this article you’ll learn the expert tips for lighting all the different rooms in your home including:

  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Living Room Lighting
  • Bedroom Lighting
  • Bathroom Lighting

Discover great tips for placement and also lighting styles to suit any space.

Entry Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting is all about getting the right balance between practicality, safety and ambience.

You need good, clear task lighting in work areas such as the prep areas, above the sink, and above the stove (this is usually integrated into an exhaust fan). If your prep area is under a kitchen cabinet you can still achieve a well lit work space by having downlights installed on the bottom of the cabinet.

For island benches or serving tables, pendant lights are a great solution that are both stylish and practical. Then achieve an ambient overall wash light with a pendant light. Also remember to consider the natural lighting your kitchen receives during common meal prep times as well.

Lounge Lighting

Living Room Lighting

You want your living areas to have a warm, cosy and comfortable ambience.

These few simple tips will help you create the ultimate living room space:

  • Consider your lighting scheme during the construction design phase or a room if possible.
  • The best living room lighting schemes combine task, ambient and accent light to create the perfect mood and provide enough lighting is seating areas.
  • Direction floor light is a great way solution for target task lighting above seats.
  • Pendant light work great for overall ambience and also to as a visual statment in a room.
  • Dimmer switches offer great flexibility to create the perfect ambience depending on the varying natural light sources.
  • Table or floor lamps are great for layering and can make a room appear bigger when placed in a corner

Bedroom Lighting

Setting the right mood for your bedroom, your place of sanctuary is crucial. Here are some simple tips to get the balance for your bedroom lighting just right:

  • Consider what you need lit in your bedroom from a practical standpoint. (Bedside lamps for reading, lighting on front of mirrors for putting on makeup, or trying on outfits, etc)
  • Avoid overlighting your bedroom. Soft downlights and stylish lamps can create an ambient glow that’s perfect for a bedroom setting.
  • Use a combination of downlights, pendant lighting and floor and table lamps to create a consistent even lighting room that you can control.
  • Dimmers switches on bedroom lighting is essential.
Pendant Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

A relaxed ambient bathroom is the aim of the game here, but we also need specific task lighting in certain areas. This is how to achieve that

  • Use the natural lighting as best you can. Large windows and mirrors help to capture as much natural light as possible. Frosted glass can provide some much needed privacy if your bathroom faces the street or your neighbour’s house.
  • Be sure to provide adequate task lighting around mirrors for shaving and putting on makeup. Also avoid downlights above mirrors as this creates shadows on the face.
  • Diffused, indirect light works great for bathing and shower areas.
  • Use accent lighting to highlight any great design features or homewares in your bathroom.

These simple yet effective expert lighting tips will help you create the perfect lighting scheme in every room of your home.

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Jacinta Bishop

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