July 03, 2018
New Brand Arrival - Introducing, Maison Blanche

We are excited to announce the arrival of Australian brand Maison Blanche, who formulate natural and plant-based home fragrance of the finest quality. Maison Blanche offers handmade scented soy candles, hand cream, diffusers and hand wash crafted in Sydney, Australia. Their products are 100% Vegan and Eco-friendly.

Read on to hear more about Maison Blanche's story:


Since establishing in 2013, our objective has always been to formulate natural and plant-based home fragrance of the finest quality. We collaborate with the best fragrance house in Australia to blend the unique and sophisticated fragrances that are integral to each of our products.

Each product we produce has been meticulously designed and handmade in Sydney, Australia.


We promise to create the best natural and soy products we can, by never making any compromises on the quality of our ingredients. We will always tell you exactly what is in our products and never hide behind any clever marketing.

From conception to creation, we will keep the environment in mind. We will strive to create as minimal impact on the environment as we can. We are 100% tested on humans and will never test any product on animals. We are a proud vegan business.

Our products will always be handmade in Australia. We will support our local businesses and purchase what we can from them. We will invest part of our profits back into the community and the environment.


Maison Blanche’s creative director and founder, Kristy Payne began her journey as a candle connoisseur in 2012 when she went on a quest to find the perfect Vanilla Bean candle to burn in her bedroom. After being unable to find one she loved, she decided to pour her own and that is when her passion for soy candles began.

After experimenting with different fragrance blends, Kristy made candles for her family for Christmas, who then asked her to make them candles to give as gifts to their friends. From humble beginnings of creating candles in her apartment, Kristy has grown the brand to now include a team of chandlers who meticulously hand-pour each pure soy wax candle using the finest fragrances in Maison Blanche Sydney Studio.

Maison Blanche is available to shop in store and online

Words and Images courtesy of Maison Blanche



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