December 01, 2018

Zulu & Zephyr / Mini Summer 18'

Featuring Zulu & Zephyr’s signature ribbed lycra and a colour fuelled palette of coral, lilac, rust and prints. ZZ Mini 2018 has been designed for ever growing bodies and fun days spent jumping in and out of the sea.
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June 05, 2018

Yoli & Otis' kids collection, Secret Garden

We are excited to announce the arrival of Yoli & Otis kids collection, Secret Garden to Salt Living. All the garments are made from textiles that are organic and grown with plants free of pesticides or genetic modification protecting the environment, our farmers and your children.
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February 26, 2018

Yoli & Otis Present 'The Art of Grace'

In a world where clothes are becoming more and more disposable Yoli & Otis aim to offer a collection that is adaptable, regardless of the season. 
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