Dharma Door

Dharma Door offer the finest quality handmade baskets and homewares through fair trade partnerships with men and women from some of the most remote and underprivileged communities around the world.
Founded by Sharon Seedy, Dharma Door began as vision to deliver high quality, contemporary handmade bags, baskets and homewares, whilst improving the living standards of the artisans that create them.
Through 20 years of travel Sharon has built relationships with fine artisans throughout the world to deliver products that tell a story with every stitch and fibre, and are built with a lasting quality that is so rare in today’s modern consumer products.
Using natural renewable materials such as jute, hemp and bamboo every product design, Dharma Door products offer a glimpse into the ancient cultures and manufacturing techniques that have been used for centuries to create stunning timeless works of art.
It’s now clear that Sharon was correct in believing that people just like you and me would also appreciate the quality and ethical practices used to create these beautiful products. Dharma Door is now stocked across the world from Australia to Sweden, USA to Japan and many countries in between.
Whilst this success may lead some companies to look for cheaper supply and manufacturing chains to increase profits, Dharma Door remains a leader in creating awareness about the importance of fair trade practices, ensuring that every person, community and environment involved in the creation of their products enjoys the profits and benefits of their sale.
They have now been endorsed by Fair Trade Australia because of their ongoing commitment to the following 10 Principles of Fair Trade:
  • Creating Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Fair Trading Practices
  • Payment of a Fair Price
  • Ensuring no Child Labor and Forced Labor
  • Commitment to Non Discrimination, Gender Equity and Freedom of Association
  • Ensuring Good Working Conditions
  • Providing Capacity Building
  • Promoting Fair Trade
  • Respect for the Environment
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