Seea Swim and surf | Australia

Elegant Sun-Safe, Surf Suits For Women~ We all love getting out in the waves, connecting with the ocean and having fun with our friends. But as an avid surfer, the sun can really start to damage and age your skin quite rapidly. Yes, traditional wetsuits and “rashies” offer adequate sun protection, but for women who want something more feminine, comfortable, fun and sexy these have always left a lot to be desired.
That was until Italian born, Brazilian raised and current Californian resident Amanda Chinchelli, combined her love of surfing with her skill as a fashion designer to create the first truly feminine surf suits. Amanda first began making female surf suits for her personal use because she was always in the water and wanted something cute to surf in that would also protected her skin from the extreme sun exposure. Though she soon she began to get constant compliments and enquiries on her daily paddle outs and regular surf trips from other female surfers who were tired of the heavy, ugly products on the market. It was then she decided to take her creations to the women’s surf wear market and that’s how SEEA was born.
“The name Seea comes from my love for the sea,” explains founder and designer, Amanda Chinchelli. “As an Italian, I pronounce the name ‘see-ah’. It’s a feminine word, with a musicality and beauty to it. We are women… We are the graceful sliders of the Seea"
Seea Surf Suits are handmade and strike the perfect balance between function and style. They are also UPF rated to 30+ and 50+, meaning you can enjoy your surf whilst protecting your skin from leathery, wrinkled skin damage that is such a huge risk for Australian ocean lovers. Seea suits come in both long and short sleeves and the wide range of designs combine the elegance of retro design with modern, fresh colours, innovative cuts, and contemporary prints.
As an ethically conscious surf company, Seea are committed to sustainable design and 100% of manufacturing takes place locally in California where it all started. So whilst the brand continues to grow they are staying true their roots and their passion for surfing and fashion to continue to bring out amazing looking surf suits that are also perfect for high performance surfing.
At Salt living we are proud to offer Seea surf suits to Australia’s female surf lovers, bringing more style and femininity into the water.