Shaping and inspiring a peaceful home through enduring coastal aesthetic.

Salt Living was founded with a desire to help our customers bring the timeless, seaside aesthetic into their homes; so every day can feel like a coastal escape.

Why Salt Living

Why Salt Living?

As a boutique store, Salt Living offers our customers a curation of products that reflect our classic and refined coastal style.

Now, as we evolve to design and produce our own product lines of soft furnishings and bed linen, Salt Living as a brand is making fine quality linen and homewares more accessible to our customers. With a focus on authentic, timeless style, and environmentally mindful design and production, Salt Living will help you effortlessly recapture the essence of a seaside escape in the styling of your home.

Now, more so than ever, we feel driven to make the commitment to taking steps that will set the Salt Living brand in a more conscious and environmentally sustainable direction. For as we all know, the choices we make today, will change our tomorrow. As a small, family run business, we have been taking steps to improve our footprint, both on a small scale in-store, and also on a large scale with our product range, manufacturing processes and future product development.

Affordable Luxury.

As a brand, Salt Living sells directly to our customer, rather than wholesale our products through other retailers.

On a practical level, this minimises our environmental footprint, as it reduces the need for transportation of products from one location to another. For our customers, it means we can offer our consciously created range at a more accessible price point, making it easier for our customers to make a long term investment in a quality product. The growth of our online community since Salt Living was established in 2015, has meant that we can now provide the same genuine, personalised shopping experience you have come to enjoy at our store, through our website, to our customers across Australia and the world. Our small team are gladly only an email or phone call away if you are wishing for any product, styling or colour advice!

Affordable Luxury
Timeless, enduring style

Timeless, enduring style.

Part of our brand ethos at Salt Living focuses on curating a home and wardrobe of quality items that you can enjoy for years, even as your style evolves.

The classic colours and styles of fashion and homewares you’ll find at Salt Living are not a reflection of ‘of-the-moment’ trends, but rather timeless pieces that will enduringly compliment your way of living.

Environmentally mindful

In store, we are always striving to improve our environmental impact. When you purchase something in store, your items will be packaged in tissue paper and packed in a paper bag; both of which can be reused or recycled.

When you place an online order with Salt Living, your items will be posted in a mailer satchel that is made of recycled materials, which you can also reused or recycled. In our newest product ranges, our 100% French bed linen and soft furnishings are all individually packaged in linen drawstring pouches, rather than plastic packaging. Not only does this eliminate the need for single use plastic packaging, it also provides you with a complementary linen pouch that can be used for waste free shopping, to separate smaller items in your handbag, or, as one of our customers recently suggested, to keep your phone out of the sand while at the beach!

Environmentally mindful
Consciously manufactured

Consciously manufactured.

Our exclusive linen ranges are designed in Australia, and manufactured in Northern China by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production certified production houses.

This means our manufacturers adhere to WRAP standards of safe, lawful, humane, and ethical practices, including prohibition of forced labor and child labor, proper lawful compensation and benefits, and a safe and healthy working environment. We’re proud to have fostered a very positive relationship with our Chinese and Turkish manufacturers over the years, and are grateful to be able to mutually support each other’s businesses.

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