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Introducing Praia do Algarve, Walter G's New Collection

Walter G's new Praia do Algarve range is inspired by the age-old techniques of skilled artisans including, hand-painted tiles, marble papers and kantha stitching. Showcasing detailed patterns, Praia do Algarve revitalises designs found in traditional crafts in a unique and contemporary way. Maintaining our relaxed coastal vibe, the Praia do Algarve colour palette takes its cue from the bold hues found on the southern Portuguese coastline.

Introducing the Lola Mignot Signature Suit by Seea

Introducing the Lola Mignot Signature Suit

Meet Lola Mignot and her eponymous one-piece! Born in Paris, based in Sayulita, Mexico, and well traveled to point breaks around the world, Lola co-designed her '90s-inspired, high-leg cut one-piece to be feminine and easy-to-wear for life out of a suitcase.

Princess of the Point~ From painting the floors with her family hotel in Sayulita to grooving on water, Lola loves and breathes creativity and style onto everything she does. 

Benefits Of Sea Salt On Your Skin

Sea Salt Soap

Have you ever wondered why swimming in the ocean is so rejuvenating?

For me it is one of life's beautiful simple pleasures and seems to instantly wash away any worries or stress I’m carry.

I guess that could be one of the reasons why I named this business Salt Living...interesting :)

Now there is more and more research behind the therapeutic and beauty benefits of sea salt and recently there have been a lot more great Sea Salt Based Products offering the benefits of sea salt in your daily beauty routine.

Renovating? Why You Should Talk To An Interior Designer First

Interior Designer

Renovating part or all of your home is an exciting and challenging experience.

Get it right and you could dramatically increase the value of your home, create a beautiful living environment that reflects your personal style and taste, and improve the functionality of your home.

Get it wrong and you could waste a lot of money, deal with a lot of stress and be living in a work site for the next 12 months or more.

So how do you avoid the stress and wasted dollars and ensure you get the most from your renovation project?

Why Engage A Colour Consultant?

Colour Consultant

When designing and decorating your home, colour is the single most important visible element. It is what will make the difference between a nice looking home and one that has that immediate “WOW” factor from the street and when you first walk through the front door.

With this in mind it’s no wonder why people agonize over colour decisions, second guess themselves and quite often chop and change their minds many times during the design process.

One surefire way to avoid this mental anguish, save time, money and resources and ensure the finished design looks and feels exactly as you picture it in your mind is to hire a colour consultant during the planning stage.