Six Sleep Rituals To Savour

Six Sleep Rituals To Savour

Here at Salt Living we're passionate about a good nights sleep, which is why we strive to create our luxurious linen bedding for a blissful bedtime experience.
For our fellow sleep aficionados, just implementing a few key rituals to your bedtime routine can help take your sleep to the next level. Luckily, we're here to offer our top tips and recommendations to elevate your nights, naps and mornings:
Sleep Rituals to Savour by Salt Living


Ban screens in the bedroom. I've personally started leaving my phone/laptop outside my door, this way it is out of arms reach for those impulsive, autopilot moments of weakness. Yet close enough to hear my alarm. (Even better if you don't need an alarm to wake!)



Atmosphere~ Good fresh airflow, leaving windows open if possible. I also love to spritz a pillow mist all around, or burn a relaxing candle while I shower and prepare for bed. Soft lighting is also a must, turn on lamps instead of overhead lighting. I even have a lamp in my bathroom, so I don't need to use overpowering bathroom lights. 



My secret to my most smooth and unrushed mornings is I spend a few minutes before bed getting ready for the next day. I’ll choose and lay out Z and I's outfits, pack my gym bag, my work bag and Z’s daycare bag. Full disclosure: I don’t end up being this organised every night, but I really am trying to be more consistent with this habit as it truly makes such a difference to our early morning flow, and helps me maintain the calm I cultivated the night before.
I’m curious, does anyone else do anything like this or similar? Let me know.



Activate your parasympathetic nervous system. Breath deeply and slowly to calm your nervous system, helping you relax and reduce any muscle tension you may be carrying from the day. Starting with as little as 5 minutes, but keep going as long as you feel you need to completely let go and relax. 



Reflection on the day and visualisation of tomorrow. This may mean some quiet meditation or perhaps journalling a few thoughts to stop them swirling around in your head. I like to listen to a guided sleep mediation, or you might prefer to wind down with some soft relaxing music. Set it on a self timer so you can fall asleep to it without getting up to turn it off (As remember, your phone is going to be outside your door, ha ha!)



Quality, fresh and clean linen bedding with plump, breathable inserts for a touch of luxury and a spark of joy each night. Our favourite linen is Salt Living (surprise, surprise!) and our recommended inserts are from Microcloud or Downia. 

 Six Sleep Rituals to Savour by Salt Living

I hope you've enjoyed my personal tips and suggestions for your most restful nights sleep. Thank you for reading and good night!
Jacinta x