Jacinta Bishop and Carol Bishop, of Salt Living

A story of a superwoman who prefers to stay behind the scenes...but won't today!

Introducing my incredible mother Carol, who many don't know is actually the original inspiration for me starting Salt Living back in 2015. Let me tell you a little story of innovation, empowerment and grit…

Mum was born in South Africa and lived an idyllic childhood living in Namibia on the banks of the Zambezi River. (literally - their pet dog was even snatched from their garden by a crocodile!)

After her family migrated to Australia, she went to school in Hobart, followed by University in Melbourne before settling back in Hobart to raise her family.

Jacinta Bishop and Carol Bishop, of Salt Living

Growing up I watched my mums incredible work ethic and success as she created and ran her own business, while simultaneously working in hospitals as a speech pathologist, she almost always freelanced/lectured/tutored on the side too all the while raising her 3 kids (myself and my 2 brothers).

It was the 90's when she first developed her own speech therapy software, which was so incredibly innovative and tech savvy for the time! The software she created has evolved over the years to now being in the form of various speech therapy apps which she still sells through Apple app store to this day.  

Jacinta Bishop and Carol Bishop, of Salt Living

I have always been in awe of her genius, her grit and her entrepreneurial spirit, but also, anyone who has ever met her will notice immediately how humble, generous and caring she is. She somehow managed to balance all of these moving parts throughout her whole career while raising a family at the same time, and I honestly do not know how she did it!

When I started my own business Salt Living it was because I wanted to be like her! I owe everything and all of my success to her, as she has been right by my side through all of the great highs and lows, not only working with me pretty much everyday but by always being my number one supporter, and I will forever be grateful for that!

We love you mama/gigi!

Jacinta xx

Jacinta Bishop and Carol Bishop, of Salt Living

Photography credit: Rebecca Brooke Taylor