How To: Style our Indigo Stripe Bed Linen

How To: Style our Indigo Stripe Bed Linen

We love seeing how our customers style their 100% French Flax linen bedding at home, so we thought it would be fun to share how our Salt Living team style their beds too! We’ve been overwhelmed by the love for our recently restocked Indigo Stripe colour way, so we asked our director and founder, Jacinta Bishop, to share how she styled her Indigo Stripe Linen Bedding Sheet Set at home.  
Here are Jacinta’s 5 tips for styling a bed that looks perfectly finished, but is still personal and welcoming:

1. Switch it up between seasons

In the summer months, when it’s too humid for a duvet, opt for a lightweight coverlet or quilt instead. Even if you end up throwing it off as you sleep with just a flat sheet, it will give your bedroom a beautifully finished look during the day. 

In the cooler months, when your duvet is back in use, you can fold your quilt or coverlet across the bottom third of the mattress, giving your bed styling some additional depth and texture, which works perfectly for the cozier part of the year.

2. Leave untucked

Tucking in your linen sheets certainly creates an excellent, polished look, but sometimes a more casual linen bedding look can call for untucked sheets as I have done here.

3. Be bold

Don’t be afraid to pattern mix or style stripe on stripe in your linen bedding. Some of my favourite ‘looks’ combine a stripe textile with a floral textile, as I have done here. 

An easy way to start when creating a more eclectic look is to identify one colour that is present in both your textiles.  This common colour will help tie the contrasting patterns together.  Remember, if YOU love it, then it works.

4. Allow the eye to rest

I’ve chosen white European pillows, not only to contrast beautifully against the stripe and floral patterns, but mainly to allow a plain resting place for the eye amongst the ‘business’. 

5. Add some height

A pair of linen European pillows can be an excellent way to add height to your bed, particularly if you don’t have a bedhead, or if the head of your bed is quite low, as mine is here.  

We recommend selecting some good quality feather inserts or synthetic mock-feather inserts that are 5cm larger than your pillowcase.  This will give your pillows and cushions a lovely, full shape, and will mean you can create that fabulous cushion ‘chop’. 

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