Take Me With You

Take Me With You

A banana bunch and a beach towel. A spare outfit and two swimsuits.

A quick stop at the markets before a weekend away to a remote patch of the coast; you're all set to go with our oversized tote bags. 



Crafted from pure linen, the natural fabric of flax plant, and joined with a durable stitch, these all-purpose bags can withstand an abundance of tropical fruits or one too many swimsuits packed for a weekend away. All held easily within the generous measurements of 50-centimetres wide, 40-centimetres high and 20-centimetres deep.



An inner lining of 100% cotton and an inner pocket create added convenience to your new companion. Joining you for ventures to the beach and the shops, or just hanging pretty at home on a hook.



Fabric colours include island natural, lighthouse ticking, shipwrecked stripe, castaway stripe or sailor navy. Your entire life in one deliciously pretty Salt Living tote bag.