Difference between a duvet, doona and quilt?

What Is The Difference Between A Duvet, A Doona & A Quilt?

Salt Living's 100% Linen Duvet Cover is designed to be used with an insert like a duvet, doona or continental quilt. Being made from natural fibres means it's a breathable covering, which research shows can assist in an all-important slumber.
A duvet cover is also paramount in keeping your insert fresh, protected and in good condition, resulting in less trips to the drycleaners. Oh and of course having a linen duvet cover on your bed is aesthetically pleasing too!
When selecting the top-layer of bedding, the word duvet, quilt or doona will most likely come to mind. But, before you start beautifying your bed with essential layers, you may start to delve in and ask yourself, is there an actual difference between a duvet, doona and a continental quilt? You may be surprised to learn that there is very little difference and essentially, they are the same thing. 


Linen Quilt Cover by Salt Living | Linen Doona Cover by Salt Living

What is a Duvet?

A duvet is believed to have originated in Europe and is the French word for ‘down’.

It is a large soft flat bag typically filled with down, feathers, wool, or even synthetic materials. It is a heavy covering, hence why it is a popular choice with Europeans given their long cold Winters.

A duvet takes the place of a blanket and for some, the need for a top sheet. You can regulate the warmth of a duvet, depending on how you handle it.  Keeping it ‘fluffed up’ will prevent air pockets getting trapped between the down, which can affect its performance and thwart a comfortable body temperature. 


What is a Doona, and is it the same as a Quilt?

A ‘doona’ in essence is just another name for a continental quilt or duvet- let me explain why.

For many Australians the term ‘continental quilt’ was the favoured word until 1980, after this it was referred to as a ‘doona’. This derives from the Danish word ‘dyne’, meaning down and feathers.

The new term became a brand name created by a textile manufacturer named Kimpton. Tontine Group then acquired the trademark in 1991. Following this, the term ‘doona’ was quickly adopted by retail giant IKEA (due to the Swedish-Founder no doubt) and it left a lasting impression with Australian buyers. Evidently, it is for this reason that you are not alone in mistakenly thinking a ‘doona’ was another ‘type’ of quilt when in fact, it is just another name for it.


Salt Living 100% Linen Quilt Cover

Converting to 100% Linen Bedding

What truly aids a good night’s sleep you may ask? Is it comfortable bedding,  complete darkness, or perhaps the rooms temperature? According to bed experts and dermatologists around the world, investing in sheets and bedcovers made of 100% linen is key to a comfortable sleep.

So, how important is it to get up on the right side of the bed? Very, as it is suggested that good quality sleep enables you to start the day with a positive and well rested mind. As we already know, linen bedding breathes and absorbs moisture effectively and has hypoallergenic qualities. On top of this, opting for superior quality 100% French Linen made with European Flax (which is made from fibres of the flax plant) sets linen poles apart from other fabrics, making it the number one choice for that all important snooze.

Ultimately, however way you decide to dress and style your bed, you can't go past the effortless look and comfortable feeling of timeless 100% French linen bedding.


What is a Quilt?

A traditional quilt has three layers and is stuffed with batting, an inner material that you do not see (made from either down, wool or microfibre fill for warmth).

Each layer can be quite thin and considered a lighter option to a duvet.

A quilt will often have a stitched square or diamond pattern, keeping the filling evenly distributed. 


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Salt Living's new French Flax Linen Quilt Collection will be arriving thisNovember,  just in time for Summer!
This beautifully soft, lightweight quilted blanket promises to bring calm and ease into your sanctuary.  The ‘soon to be released’ quilted blanket will hold the same superior quality fabric as their entire linen range, maintaining a luxurious strength and style.
With our balmy Summer fast approaching, it may just be the perfect fit with fresh summer hues in bold stripes to choose from, and an added addition for the ‘in between seasons’ for that well deserved night’s sleep.


Article Written by Marina Mura for Salt Living – 9 August 2022