French Flax Linen Tablecloths and Linen Table Napkins

Styling Tips: Setting the Table with Salt Living

Here are our favourite tips and ideas for creating a beautiful table setting this Spring, Salt Living style!


1. Dinnerware and Serving ware~ they don't all have to match like a set!

Starting with a base collection, you can build upon that intentionally with interesting handmade or vintage pieces that you come across throughout your life and travels. If you spot something you love at a market, gallery or vintage store, consider if it will work well with your exisiting pieces, make sure it will be useful to you. Collecting beautiful pieces of china, glassware and ceramics in the same or similar colour palette will help to unify them, so your table setting will still have a cohesive look, even if it's fully mis-matched.



2. Consider height.

Adding some height creates more life and dimension to your table!

Things like a tall water jug, think resin Dinosaur Designs, or perhaps a nice blue rimmed white enamel pitcher.

A tiered serving stand is perfect for morning or afternoon teas, or perhaps some yummy dessert treats on a cake stand. 

Of course a beautiful vase with fresh flowers is one of the simplest way of adding height, as well as a burst of life & colour.  



3. Pretty little bowls and dishes for condiments and sauces. ~

It's such a shame to have a beautifully set table at the beginning but once the meal is underway your beautiful table becomes scattered with various bottles, jars and tubs. It may take a little more washing up at the end, but if you can serve these various condiments and sauces in small dishes instead, your table will stay aesthetically pleasing for the whole duration. To some this seems a little unnecessary, but to others (like myself) this is so much more good-looking I find it extremely satisfying!



4. Luxe French table linen. And not just for special occasions.

It's no surprise we at Salt Living suggest using table linen, we are slightly obsessed!

Adding crisp and timeless 100% French linen tablecloths and linen napkins to your table instantly elevates it. Not to be saved for only special occasions, we are big fans of using table linen everyday, making every meal feel a little bit more special. 



A little more about our Linen Tablecloths and Linen Napkins...


Our table linen is EUROPEAN FLAX® , Intertek Certified and Standard 100 Oeko-Tex Certified, these fibres are so natural you could serve directly on the cloth itself. 

Design Details:

All edges finished with vintage-inspired hole hemstitching detail. Packaged in a linen drawstring bag for convenient safekeeping.

Composition & GSM:

Made of 100% French Linen - European Flax® Certified, Intertek Certified, Standard 100 Oeko-Tex Certified and WRAP Certified.

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