Choosing A Slower, More Fruitful Road.

Choosing A Slower, More Fruitful Road.

Choosing a slower, more fruitful road. My mind is completely blown when I read that more than a third of Australia’s small businesses are owned by women and that I have played a part in a 46% increase in female business operations in Australia over the past 20 years!*

Over the past 5 years I’ve witnessed a wonderful rise in new visitors seeking out and supporting small business however, if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner you might be able relate, owning a small business can be quite the rollercoaster.

Every week presents itself with new challenges and unfamiliar territory, but underlying the unknown is always a deep sense of gratitude.

Gratitude for the opportunity that Salt Living Linen Bedding & Accessories has given me in joining others in a united vision to see locally designed products celebrated and thriving.

Gratitude for those who visit Salt Living and in doing so use their dollar to support small businesses and Australian artisans.

I seriously love what I get to do at Salt Living and the incredible team I run alongside- a sentiment shared of all the artisans we have the pleasure of working with.  I’ve always had a crush on Melbourne creative studio Bonnie and Neil and when it came to selecting products for my store – they were an easy go to. Their vibrant palette keeps the store full of colour and I love that they are always introducing new collections and colour ways.  Did I mention they make all of their products themselves right here in Australia, from their Melbourne Studio.

If I can leave a small encouragement it is for us all to continue to put aside momentary convenience and cost-cutting and take a slower, more fruitful road towards a small, local operator. I promise you’ll encounter incredible community and discover treasures you’ll keep forever!

Jacinta x